Dutch Courses

Dutch Courses

Finding Dutch Flow

In this FREE workshop you’ll discover that speaking Dutch can be easier than you ever imagined.

Dutch Brainwash 

The Dutch Brainwash is an intensive Dutch language course in the center of Amsterdam. 

Dutch momentum 

Only for Dutch Braiwash Graduates, to continue the progress.

Dutch Mastery

This is a highly advanced intensive Dutch Course that is only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates
500+ people have followed the Dutch Brainwash

What makes these courses different from other language courses? 

Adam S. 
“More enjoyable / interactive
Casual approach brings group together
Good mix of lesson types“
Andrew H.
“It has been a few years, but I have learned more than just to survive“
Matthew B.  
“I looked all over online for this course and was excited to find it. Intensive, thourough, covers everything you need to begin your journey to speak Dutch. I still have to do the work myself, but now I know that I can“
Veronica G.
“This is a real brainwash. It is fun, entertaining, keeps me enjoyed and makes me understand the language, not to learn it by heart“
Natalia S.
“Much more fun and joy!“
“It was more fun. I appreciated that it was a smaller group. You find ways to simplify some things that others made more complicated“
Kirsty C.
“I have never taken a formal Dutch course before, but I have attempted to learn the language from books. I quickly lost interest the books, but Albert kept this course interesting and stimulating the whole week“
Keith M. 
“More intensive
More personal
I feel that this course is well thought out and it allows for flexibility“
Smadar S. 
“What I found special about this course compared to all others is that Albert is also a great teacher but also a coach… he teaches in a unique method that keeps you interested at all times“
Carol W. 
“It’s so much better! I have far more confidence after learning with Albert. It was relaxed, not intimidating, concise and easy to follow“
Chandra K. 
“In other courses it was slow and difficult to remember what I learned. This course makes me look forward to learning more and I am so happy with what I learned in one week. This course gives a different perspective that learning and using Dutch does not have to be embarassing and miserable“
Vanessa A. 
“I think it is really dynamic, it opens your mind, it is fun to learn and you do not feel judged if you don’t know, at the end you have the right to make a lot of mistakes in order to learn, so it really inspires yourself“