Dutch Brainwash

Dutch Brainwash

The Dutch Brainwash  is an intensive Dutch course in in the center of Amsterdam.  It has a unique approach that is totally different from any other language course that you can think of. Thanks to a very special combination of powerful learning techniques and personal coaching,  great results are possible within a very short time. Within 7 days you’ll notice how easy it is to speak about any subject that you like, in Dutch!
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Far too often a lack of clarity leads to poor results.
Once the path is clear, it is simple.
Keep walking and don’t stop!

Bringing your Dutch to a whole new level,  is relatively easy. But… you have to know how to do it. Mainly, it only works if you can see that Dutch is a logical, consistent and funny language. Don’t worry if you are not convinced of this yet.  Step by step you can learn how to construct your own sentences, how to explode your vocabulary while thinking in pictures and which mindset you can use so that you can achieve your goals even faster…

Learning 7 days in a row during day time is the biggest time saver that you can ever imagine!

One of the many positive aspects is the great energy that you will feel. Although officially you sit in a class, it does not feel like it. For many people it feels like sitting around the table with some colleagues or friends.  A lot of interaction takes place, doubts get out of the way you’ll notice how easy it is to be involved once you notice how relevant Dutch is for your personal (and professional) life!



The main goal is to experience freedom when you speak Dutch!

Most language courses constantly limit you. They force you to speak about only about one subject at the time. Often you have to repeat boring dialogues about meneer en mevrouw Jansen. Luckily the Dutch Brainwash has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, it is all about claiming your freedom! Your own life and your own needs are the primary source of inspiration. Would you like to tell your schoonmoeder (mother in law) that she needs to shut up? Then soon enough you’ll know how to do it. Would you  like to give a presentation in Dutch or lead a meeting? The Dutch Brainwash will guide you how to do it and give loads and loads of inspiration, starting from day one.

Learning with other positiveminded people that share the same goal makes everything lighter, far more effective and fun!

One key aspect is that during the 7 days, you will receive personal attention during 6 hours of the day! With many other intensive courses, they simply send you to a language lab where you sit all by yourself behind a computer. Or, even worse, they simply let you talk Dutch with the person sitting next to you, but how brilliant is that? If both of you do not have any clue of what you are doing, then how the hell are you supposed to bring your Dutch to a whole new level?

Nothing works better than undivided personal attention
In the first place, speaking a language is about interacting with people!

When most people think about learning, they think about retaining loads and loads of information. But… if you think about it, it is not true! Speaking a language is also about feeling at ease and having confidence. Therefore, a positive experience is one of the most important things, something that is easily ignored by most people. And yes, you will also learn many other things:

  • A better pronunciation
  • How to construct sentences about any subject that you like
  • How to explode your vocabulary within seconds
  • What to do if Dutch people switch to English
  • How to talk about situations that are weird and crazy
  • How to sound intelligent in Dutch (with little effort from your part)
  • How to understand much much more
  • How Dutch humor works (so yes, you’ll learn some filthy things too.. πŸ™‚
  • How to think in Dutch, so that everything becomes easier!

The secret is a simple system that allows you to create thousands of sentences and to expand your vocabulary fast!

Sure, for creating sentences you’ll need some grammar. But don’t worry. With some playful techniques you’ll own them before you know it. On top of it, you’ll practice for 7 days in a row in a very relaxed way. Many things that seemed challenging,  all of a sudden will make sense. You’ll see exactly what you need to do for putting words in the right order and many other things!

One thing is certain… yes… a Dutch brainwash is always intensive, but, it is extremely rewarding and fun! You’ll discover for yourself many things that may have stood in your way towards great Dutch. Most people all of a sudden notice that all of a sudden, they don’t care too much any more about making mistakes. Other people notice how they made it too complex without no good reason and also important, how to put your own feelings in so that you can truly express all the things that you want to say!

Unique training materials, based on NLP and Accelerated Learning and many years of experience!

Thanks to some great techniques of NLP and Accelerated Learning, you’ll develop a whole new way of thinking. You’ll find yourself much more resourceful with some very simple mind shifts πŸ™‚  You’ll clearly know how Dutch works and you know that you can do it!

You’ll also realize that learning the language is the fastest way to understand a new culture. Once you start speaking Dutch, then the Dutch way of thinking and Dutch behavior makes much more sense and you’ll find it easier to respond in many different situations, in Dutch!

The Date

7 Days in a row, always starting on a Saturday

Your investment

€1595 (including VAT)
You can secure your place with 500 and pay the rest 10 days before the course starts.

The Time

Every day 10.00 – 16.45


Maximum amount of people: 8  
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Is the Dutch Brainwash something for you?

  • You speak English (it does not have to be perfect), if you also speak other languages, it is even better!
    • The Brainwash works best if you know some Dutch already (it looks and sounds familair to you)
      • If you did some other courses before (like the nuns or Rosetta Stone) it is even better
        • You have lived at least 4 months in The Netherlands
  • You understand that you are in charge of your own results
  • You are curious, you love fun and you embrace new ideas
    • You like to experience a radical difference, right now!
      • You are willing to do new things and open your mind!
        • You are interested in Dutch humor πŸ™‚

Long after the Dutch Brainwash is over, you progress will still continue!

Just for your information, your progress will not stop after 7 days.  Here are some extras!

  • One free eCourse The Psychology of Speaking Languages
  • One free eCourse 30 Days To Change Your Dutch
  • Free conversation classes (10 times a year)
  • A secret Facebook group where you can practice your Dutch every day
  • Access to new advanced programs that are only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates
  • Access to personal coaching that is only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates

Next starting dates:     10 JUN 2023 (full) – 16 SEP 2023  β€“  21 OCT 2023 –   18 NOV 2023 –  9 DEC 2023 –All these groups are small groups (maximum of 8 people)  

This is what other participants say about the workshop:

“Inspiring. Now it is easy to increase vocabulary and I learned new stuff”
“Very informative. Dutch is not rocket science”
“A good way to introduce a new way of learning. I see now the potential of a new approach to learning”
“Brilliant. It gave me new ways of thinking”
“The work is very valuable and there is a lot of learning. It gives a boost in confidence of learning Dutch”
“Very interesting and engaging. I now see that Dutch is a visual language, not so scary to learn”

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