“Once you understand a simple system, speaking Dutch feels so much easier”

The Dutch Brainwash is a unique experience. It is unlike any other Dutch language course and yet it generates great results. It produces a profound change of your mind so that all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself speaking Dutch and… you’ll feel far more at ease about it.

Once again, the Dutch Brainwash is unlike any other Dutch Language Course. Although is does cover the basics of Dutch, it will take you a lot further. You’ll learn how to talk about anything that you like.

It will show you how to expand your vocabulary really fast, so you can say much more and understand more….
You’ll quickly learn how to create many sentences fast, about any subject that you like.
You’ll develop a positive and productive mindset, while exploring highly effective new ways to learn
Also, you’ll start to really connect with Dutch people, understand their perspective on things and their sense of humor. One thing is certain: you’ll laugh a lot!

“What can happen in only 7 days, is really amazing. Free from distraction, laserbeam focus creates pure magic”

You’ll discover (maybe to your own amazement ) that things are much less complicated then you could ever believe

You’ll start to see Dutch as a logical, consistent and funny language

You’ll experience how easy it is to constantly continue your learning and how easy it is to find and keep your confidence.

If you like all these ideas, then the Dutch Brainwash is definitively the right solution for you….

  • Feel at ease about speaking Dutch within 7 days
  • Create many sentences about any suject that you like with ease
  • Learn new words fast and expand your vocalary like crazy
  • Get rid of the fear of making mistakes or looking stupid and feel free instead
  • Save 100 hours of studying time (once you see that there is a true logic system)
  • Really connect with Dutch people around you (and understand how they think and act)
  • Experience for yourself how the combination of a logical way of thinking and a creative, stress free and engaging attitude turns learning Dutch in a fun adventure
  • How to sound intelligent (with some simple tricks)
  • Start on a Saturday and end on a Friday
  • 6 hours a day
  • Right in the historical heart of Amsterdam (with a roof terrace)
  • Small groups (maximum 6 people) so you will get loads and loads of personal attention, guidance and encouraging support!
  • Feel personally engaged all the time, through great interactions and fun activities
  • Constant immersion with the constant individual attention from a passionate language coach
  • It feels as if you are having a good time with some good people and friends in a nice and gezellige setting (you will not spend time alone in a boring language lab)
  • Gain total clarity (therefore, speaking English is allowed)
  • Learn things that other courses will never teach you (and yes, sometimes it also includes some mean and filthy stuff ) so that you really understand what Dutch people love to talk about (and understand their sense of humor too)

Special Bonus!

Unique training materials are all included in the price
The Dutch Brainwash Manual (with materials based on Accelerated Learning and NLP)
+++ Just to make sure that your progress still continues after the course, upon completion you’ll also receive 2 eCourses for 30 days

Here is another great benefit! You’ll be a member of the Dutch Brainwash Club. That means that you will be invited for free conversation classes on a Saturday (at least 10 times a year). This means that your progress continues, long after your Brainwash is over

Last but not least, some important details:

Location: Amsterdam, close to Central Station (Keizersgracht)
Time: We start on a Saturday and we end on a Friday. (7 days in a row)
We start at 10.00 and we finish around 17.45 In between there will be a 1 hour lunch break

Next starting dates :    1 AUG 2020 (full), 19 SEP 2020 (full), 3 OCT 2020, 24 OCT 2020,  7  NOV 2020, 21 NOV 2020, 12 DEC  2020, 9 JAN 2021

!!! During special corona times the groups will be much smaller, there will be a bit more distance and you’ll receive loads and loads of positive personal attention 🙂

Your investment or appreciation: €1495,-
You can pay 3 small instalments of €500 before the course starts…

The Dutch Brainwash works best if somehow you already have gained some knowledge of Dutch (Rosetta Stone, the nuns or other courses). Don’t worry if you feel that other courses did not really work for you. This time you’ll be fine, as long as Dutch sounds familiar to you. Ideally you have been walking around in the Netherlands for at least 6 months and, most important of all: you are excited about doing something different and you welcome a radical change, right now!

P.S. If you like this idea, then don’t wait too long! There is only place for 6 people in each group! Vol = vol (no exceptions)

P.P.S If you like to speak with me first, just let me know! If you like, you could also do a language test first, just to be sure that the Dutch Brainwash has the right level for you!

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