Dutch Flow

Speaking Dutch can be easy, but…

only if you know how to do it!

Dutch Flow

Speaking Dutch can be easy, but…

only if you know how to do it!

Hallo! I am Albert Both, founder of Talencoach and also known as Meneer Dutch Brainwash. What I love to do is a to bring people to a place that I like to call Dutch Flow.

Dutch Flow is a great place. It is a beautiful place where speaking and learning Dutch is easy. It is a place where you feel free to express anything that you like in Dutch.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people that never get there. They constantly struggle or whenever they speak Dutch, it is always below their full potential. Even people that already love to speak Dutch, may often find that somehow they can express much less than they would like to. That is a pity, don’t you think?

Getting to Dutch Flow is relatively easy. It is a lot easier than studying hard and feeling frustrated about low results. But… as you may imagine, not so many people make it to Dutch Flow. That is why I created a special method that I call Dutch Flow Now.


First of all, you have to realize that the place Dutch Flow really exists! Sure… it might take some courage… Maybe you already tried so hard and now you find it difficult to believe that speaking Dutch could be easier than you ever imagined! Therefore it is important that if you like the idea of speaking much more Dutch with far more ease, that you are willing to open your mind!

Only if you are willing to embrace some new ideas, even if they seem counterintuitive to you, you can bring your Dutch to a whole new level fast!

Also – this is extremely important to understand – when you are not satisfied about your results yet, make sure that you don’t blame yourself. It is not your fault at all and… once you know what to do differently, you could change everything for the better.

There are many reasons why people never ever reach Dutch Flow.

The first reason is lack of intensity. If you believe that you can learn to speak Dutch when you take an evening class after work, then I am sorry but I have to disappoint you. This will never work. For creating real change you’ll need 7 days in a row. You’ll need it, not only for learning how to think in new ways, you’ll also need this short intensive period for practicing what you learned so that it will stay in your memory for ever. Another thing has to do with energy. You just need to create massive positive energy in order what I love to call to launch your Dutch Language Rocket. Once it is flying, everything is a lot easier, it is just for the launch you will need great energy!

The second reason why people never reach Dutch Flow is a lack of clarity. You must know exactly know what you are doing if you like to make huge progress fast! Only memorizing some dialogues from your text book (parrot learning) while hoping that one day you’ll speak Dutch fluently simply does not work.

Contrary to what you might think, Dutch is not such a difficult language at all…. it is in a way a simplified version of German and it is the closest language to English. But… if you follow the traditional methods of learning a language, chances are high that you do not see a clear structure or the simplicity…

Here is another important secret. What matters most is also your beliefs. You could learn Dutch a lot faster if you could see that Dutch has a very logical, consistent and funny system. If you can see yourself as someone that is gifted to learn and speak a new language then this would also help of course!

How you look at Dutch and what you believe, just makes that radical difference. People that learn fast and speak with ease somehow have different perspectives. They clearly see what you need to do in order to put sentences together and how Dutch vocabulary makes a lot of sense. Here is another thing: they also know how to think in simple ways. People that struggle with Dutch always have one thing in common… somehow they make everything too complicated! Certainly if you are highly educated, then you belong to this risk category!

Here is another important message. Too many people believe that the number one solution for speaking real Dutch is working hard. But… sadly (or luckily enough), this is not true! So forget about your pride to see yourself as a dilligent and hard working person….  Working like crazy in a clueless way, never ever works. Period! It is always better to relax first and gain some clarity first. It is the fastest way to feel good and then moving forward is really easy!

This is a special page for courageous people.

People who love to dream and think big

when it comes to speaking Dutch! 

I hope that you are one of those people that somehow understands that your experience of the Dutch language can be totally different. That instead of feeling frustrated, it could give you loads and loads of satisfaction when you just notice how easy it is to connect with people around you on a deeper level… Don’t worry if you have not achieved results yet that satisfy you… soon enough everything can change for the better!

On this page Dutch Flow Now, you’ll find a lot of inspiration! Just look around and simply see what catches your attention. I have a special blog that gives you alternative perspectives on learning and speaking Dutch. There is a free eBook that shows you some important steps to really unleash your Dutch and there is a free workshop Finding Dutch Flow where you can experience a whole new different way of learning in a live class environment. Then, there is also a Talencoach Facebook page (which is connected to this page)

By the way, the great thing about this page is that it really allows interaction. Feel free to use it! It might be a new idea for you that speaking Dutch could be easier than you ever imagined and once you start to get involved, somehow, you may notice that many things start to change for the better!

Why not enjoy being lazy?
Why struggle so hard?
Relax and open your mind
make lots of mistakes
laugh a lot more and really enjoy the process! 

Last but not least, there is always one essential thing….  you may not start to believe that speaking Dutch can be completely possible for you, immediately… This is totally okay….. And… you could take a small step today… Just a little step…. see if you can already open up to the idea of Dutch Flow today... Once you start playing with some new thoughts and ideas and certainly once you start to experience new things for yourself, you’ll notice that you open up… and when you start opening your mind, Dutch magic can happen!

All the best!

Vrolijke groet (cheeful greeting)


Albert Both
Meneer Dutch Brainwash

P.S: I forgot to mention that I have already been Dutch brainwashing for many years :)
Everything that you just read is based on thousands of hours of teaching experience!