Finding Dutch Flow

“Make a simple shift and speaking Dutch will be easier

and more fun than you ever imagined“

Finding Dutch Flow

“Make a simple shift and speaking Dutch will be easier and more fun than you ever imagined“

Free workshop on Sunday 5 APR 2020

Experience for yourself a fun way of learning Dutch fast, so that you can speak it with ease

Have you ever had the thought that it would be nice if you spoke much better Dutch? Then probably you must have had another thought as well…. that it must be very hard and difficult to get there… Maybe you heard some ‘horror” stories from other people. Or.. maybe you tried to do some Dutch courses and you came to the conclusion that speaking Dutch is not that easy…


Luckily there is some great news… There is a place called Dutch Flow, where learning and speaking Dutch is easy.

It is a very special place, but unfortunately, not so many people go there… First of all, you have to open your mind, and be willing to do something different. And it also helps if you like to relax about it, so that it is easy to switch your perspective… And then, soon enough, you’ll discover that overthere, it is much more fun and that even learning new things is easy…

If you like this idea, then the free workshop Finding Dutch Flow is the right opportunity for you!

This is what you’ll discover in Finding Dutch Flow

  • How to say much more in Dutch with a minimum of effort
  • How speaking a new language really begins
  • Why Dutch people love to say that Dutch is so difficult and why you should not believe them
  • Why traditional courses do not really work, and how you can learn much faster instead

  • How to have much more fun and why it produces much greater results
  • How to feel intelligent (even when your knowledge is limited)
  • Experience for yourself that now you can say much more in Dutch, than you ever imagined!

Just for your information, this free workshop is unlike any other introduction session for a language course that you have seen. Be ready for many new insights and surprises! Chances are high that you’ll also laugh a lot!

The Date

Sunday 5 APR 2020

Your investment

only 3 hours on a Sunday Morning (the workshop is free)

The Time

9.50 – 13.00

The Location

in the historical heart of Amsterdam, close to Central Station (Keizersgracht)

P.S. After the workshop, we can also have a personal chat about any question that you may have

P.P.S: If you like, you can also make a language test and I can give you some personal feedback about your current level of Dutch!

P.P.P.S: I will also make sure that some hot coffee and tea with a stroopwafel are waiting for you!

This is what other participants say about the workshop:

“Inspiring. Now it is easy to increase vocabulary and I learned new stuff”
“Very informative. Dutch is not rocket science”
“A good way to introduce a new way of learning. I see now the potential of a new approach to learning”
“Brilliant. It gave me new ways of thinking”
“The work is very valuable and there is a lot of learning. It gives a boost in confidence of learning Dutch”
“Very interesting and engaging. I now see that Dutch is a visual language, not so scary to learn”

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