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Speaking Dutch could be relatively easy, certainly if you live in Holland already. One of the most important things that you need to do is that you open up, so that you can absorb loads of Dutch, simply by walking around 🙂

It will be easy for you to expand some Dutch vocab, because the short stories are all in English and then you’ll see some Dutch words. Then in combination with the pictures, you’ll see that Dutch has a logical and funny way of constructing words….


Dutch to Go shows you how to look with new eyes at the world around you. With 40 lighthearted observations you can start to play with Dutch and chances are high that you’ll discover that learning Dutch can be quite entertaining 🙂

Here are some topics:

How drinking beer can help your Dutch
Why not a single Dutch person likes to be like Sinterklaas
The scariest color for Dutch people
The thing that makes a birthday so special
Which is the most positive animal in Dutch
Great words for your Tinder profile

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Speaking a new language can be a huge challenge and it often looks daunting, if not impossible. But… if you like, you can always succeed of course. At the same time, there is something that can really stand in the way and although you notice it, chances are that you may not be really aware of it. It is when you look at it, quite simple… What are your first thoughts when you think about speaking Dutch?

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