Dutch Mastery - The Secret Codes

To Advanced Dutch

Only for Dutch Brainwash Graduates

Dutch Mastery -
The Secret Codes To Advanced Dutch

Only for Dutch Brainwash Graduates

This will make your Dutch complete

Welcome to a new kind of Dutch Brainwash, but now on level 2!

You must have noticed that for really excelling at Dutch, something was still missing, right?

What you'll discover within 5 days is really amazing. Call it Dutch in 3D if you like.. All of a sudden you see the logical connections and everything, even so called complex things will make perfect sense!

  • Work with different time dimensions (like the past)
  • Experience the importance of movement
  • Construct with ease hyper long anaconda sentences
  • Advanced ways of boosting your vocabulary with ease
  • Remove your last doubts and get total clarity
  • Get rid of the last remaining obstacles for speaking fluent Dutch
  • Realize what you really need, certainly for simple conversations!

Get all the remaining information that you must have if you like to understand and speak Dutch about any topic that you like! After 5 days, you can start to call yourself a Dutch master. You'll learn loads of essential stuff that finally makes your Dutch complete!

If you like this idea, let's have a chat!

Just contact me and then we can see what we can do to bringing your Dutch to a whole new level! Simply send me a mail. and say: hey Albert, I like the idea of Dutch Mastery :)

The next opportunities is on 8 SEP2021

Once you understand Dutch Brainwash stuff, the second level is relatively easy...

Believe it or not, in some way, the Dutch Brainwash is far more challenging than this level. You need to think in a certain way first, but then once you have certain skills then you'll see that all the rest is a logical consequence of everything that you have learned so far!

Strangely enough, certainly the simple conversations will get a lot simpler now! All of a sudden you'll understand many things that maybe didn't make any sense to you before. For sure, you'll also discover many new things... Dutch is much richer than you ever thought! This course helps you so much more to enjoy all the richness of the Dutch language!

One condition: you have to feel curious and eager!

Dutch Mastery will turn you into a Dutch Master. However, there are a couple of important things. First of all you need to have a sufficient grip on all the Dutch Brainwash Stuff... Secondly, you must be curious, because now you'll see and hear so much more!

Just have a chat with me, if there is anything you would like to discuss about, first!

The Date

Next starting dates: 8 SEP

Your investment

€ 1249

The Time

5 days in a row 10.00 - 16.45 (it includes a weekend) + gratis terugkomd


Maximum amount of people: 5
Only for Dutch Brainwash Graduates