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How to learn Dutch when you travel all the time

How to learn Dutch when you travel all the time

Yes... finally you made that decision... you signed up for a Dutch class once a week and you were absolutely sure about it... This time you would really speak Dutch!

But then... something happened. You had to go away and you skipped a class. Maybe you traveled to another place or maybe it was something else. Maybe you thought that next time you would catch up... But... have you noticed that catching up is not that easy? Because, when you come back to your class, somehow it seems that you missed a lot. Maybe you missed too much!

And then, before you know it, you miss a class again. And again, and again and catching up seems to be more difficult than ever 🙁

So what to do if you travel a lot and if you still like to speak great Dutch? Then obviously, a class once a week is not the right solution.

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