Summer is a great time to boost your Dutch!

Summer is a great time to boost your Dutch!

Have you been wanting to boost your Dutch for quite some time? Then summer could be the right time to do it!

If you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It shouldn’t be difficult to take off from work and summer in Amsterdam has always something special. You can learn many great new things during day time and then you can still explore Amsterdam when the day is over. You’ll notice quickly that somehow everything seems to be far more relaxed anyway and also now that you are away from your daily routine, it feels like a holiday anyway.

Within only 7 days you’ll notice a radical change for your Dutch with the intensive language course Dutch Brainwash. Just play, have fun, meet new friends and explore Amsterdam. Summer is a great moment for learning new things!

If you like this idea, then here are 2 dates for you: July the 4th and AUG 1.

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