How to know for sure that this year you'll speak Dutch for real!

How to know for sure that this year you'll speak Dutch for real!

Would you like to speak real Dutch this year? Then chances are high that you already had some thoughts about it. But… how can you know that this year if will really happen? There are 3 simple questions that will reveal your chance of success and… chances are high that you would not expect at least one of the following questions. If you like to speak Dutch for real this year, then make sure, that you check them out!

1 Are you really ready for a change?

Speaking a new language is all about making a radical change in your life. A new language will give you many more possibilities in life and… it will help you to get rid of many things that you don’t like….

The only question is… are you really willing to make some changes in your life? The good thing is that you do not have to change your life for the full 100%… You can initiate change very gradually in a gentle way… And yet the question is… can you see yourself making the first changes on a very short term?

You have to be we willing to start at least with little things. You do not have to speak Dutch for 24 hours a day, but… would you be willing to play with your Duth in a shop? Would it be okay for you to speak with a Dutch person at least for 10 minutes a day? If your answer is yes, then congratulations… This is a very good start!

The great secret is this… if you make small things, even if it is only for 10 minutes a day, then it will be easy to continue…. Certainly if you are patient, then you’ll discover that once you have gained experience, Dutch conversations will flow easier and… every time that you speak Dutch, you’ll learn something new!

2 How do you feel about speaking and learning Dutch? 

Many people believe that speaking Dutch is just a matter of studying loads of vocabulary and grammar, but… there is much more! There is one thing that most people never think about and yet it makes all the difference….

Speaking a new language is all about energy! The more positive you feel, the higher your chance is that you’ll really succeed!

Therefore what you need are great feelings, such as curiosity, enthusiasm, sense of adventure, playfulness. If you can have a great time while making mistakes, it is even better.

Too many people take learning too seriously and then before you know it, you will lose all the fun 🙁

If you feel bored or too stressed, overwhelmed, confused then learning is quite difficult. But.. it is relatively easy to combine it with loads of fun, certainly if you do it together with other positive minded people that go for the same goal….

Feeling a positive energy is one simple thing that will change everything… it will help you to grasp grammar and new vocabulary words a lot faster!

By the way, it is quite difficult not to feel excited when you discover many great things. Just be open to the idea that positive energy makes the real difference!

3 Have you put it in your agenda?

Sure… it is a very practical question and yet… it is very revealing… Only if you plan it in your schedule, real change can happen! How you plan it timewise, determines everything… 

Many people believe that if you try to speak Dutch for one hour a week, it will do the trick. But… unfortunately this is not true… If you really like to make it happen, you’ll have to focus on it for at least a couple of days in a row.

Here is the thing… if you try to learn Dutch for one hour a week, after work, when you already feel tired, then of course not so much is going to happen… In order to bring your Dutch to a whole new level, you need intensity… remember that one great element is great positive energy….

If you like to experience a racial change for your Dutch, then you should give it the top priority for at least a couple of days in a row. Yes… it may mean that you stop doing things that you would normally do… For many people it means that they stop working for some days… Sure… the idea might sound scary, but… it is the fastest way to bring your Dutch to a whole new level and therefore it is also the biggest time saver ever!

What will bring 2017 for you?

So here is the positive news… if you really like to experience a change, if you feel excited about it and if you make time for it, then chances are high that finally in 2017 it will happen… you are speaking Dutch!

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Theo Truter

Theo Truter

on 06 Jan 2017

Voorspoedige 2017! Met hartlijke groet van uit zonnig Zuid Afrika.



on 08 Jan 2017

Dank je wel Theo! Een hartelijke groet uit bewolkt Nederland :)

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