The best time to boost your Dutch could be summer!

The best time to boost your Dutch could be summer!

Summer is always a great time. Long days, a relaxed atmosphere and many people are out of the office. It is the perfect time to do the things that you want to do… Lying in the sun, going to the beach and… learning something new that you have been wanting to learn for a very long time. The summer is the perfect moment to do it!

This summer there will be three Dutch Brainwashes. It is a period of 7 days where you can bring your Dutch to a whole new level! Doing a Dutch Brainwash is always very special, because somehow, there is that extra vibe. Days are long, so you can combine it with a vacation. You can learn great things during day time and still go to the beach in the early evening. Hanging around on a roof terrace with shirts and slippers also helps!

Also, if you live further away from Amsterdam, then summer is the perfect time! Quite often, people stay in Amsterdam and that it seems like a holiday. Every day, you meet your friends for a couple of hours and you learn some great stuff and for the rest you can explore Amsterdam.

If you like this idea, then here are 3 dates:
2 JUL 2016 (only 1 place left)
6 AUG 2016
17 SEP 2016

Here you can read much more about a Dutch Brainwash and what it could do for you and your Dutch, within only 7 days!

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