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Why would you do this with an orange?

Why would you do this with an orange?

Would it make sense to compare oranges with apples? Well… according to the Dutch, these two fruits have a lot in common. The Dutch word for apple is appel and then orange is sinaasappel. So, if you look at the words, then you see that they both have an appel, right?

For the Dutch, sinaasappel is a logical combination between een appel and the latin name citrus cinensis. Remix these two words and you get sinaasappel. And there are many more things that een appel and een sinaasappel have in common. They both grow on a tree, you can pick them, you can make juice with them and they have loads and loads of vitamins. And they are both fruit, right?



And then look at the English word orange. Isn’t that strange? Why would you simply call it after the color? Why not say yellow for a banana then? This is one thing that Dutch people don’t understand. And… here is another thing.

According to the Dutch there is only one type of fruit that has nothing to do with een appel and therefore you should never compare it with this type of fruit. The reason is obvious. These fruits are completely different! Sure, you can compare apples with oranges or kiwis, melons, cherries anything that you like… but… do not compare it with peren! (pears), this would never make sense….

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3 thoughts on “Why would you do this with an orange?

By LANA on 24 June 2016

Dear Albert : I think they call orang not after color but from Syrian old name ‘Nareng’ you can find this Nareng Tree ( or sometime we call it Nanerg tree ) in every house in Syria . it is the mother of all kind of orange or sinaasappel ( there is 200 kind like navel orange , bloed orange , suger orange , klimentine ,crown orange bomely , grapefruit , karmentina , lemon , citroen , lime .etc , this Nareng it looks like an orange but it taste like a limon , I hope you like my new information

By Albert on 24 June 2016

Hi Lana,

Who knows? The Spanish word is naranja and it is both the fruit and the color….
Ine theory is that Sinasappel means apple from China… Anyway, I love nareng, somehow it is also easy to remember!


By Maud on 23 March 2017

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