When you speak Dutch, always enjoy the ride!

When you speak Dutch, always enjoy the ride!

There is one thing that too many people overlook when they try to speak Dutch. It is very simple. Enjoy the ride! If you do, you will have much more fun and… you will learn a lot faster!

Why is it that many people don’t like to speak a new language in real life? One important reason is feelings. What could happen if you say something wrong? What if other people do not understand you? It may feel that you are losing control, which is a bit – let’s bluntly admit it – scary…

But… should something stop you, just because of the fact that it feels scary?

Yes… you could do something wrong… very wrong… but…. at the same time… what if it is all part of a great new adventure?

It is not fun to be serious about Dutch!

Just in case that you did not notice… contrary to what you may have believed for a long time, being serious about speaking Dutch, is not really helping you to move forward. People that learn fast and people that find it easy to speak a new language are often very playful. For them, speaking and learning Dutch is just like a game where you can freely play and experiment.

So here is the first mind shift that can chance things for ever: what if Dutch is not something that needs to be done perfectly, but what if it is a real adventure? One thing is certain: when you see it as an adventure, you’ll explore more while feeling at ease about it… you’ll discover many things.

One important aspect of an adventure is that you meet something that you did not expect. Something that surprises you, something that amazes you… something that took you away from your routine of daily life…

If you do this, you’ll notice the difference!

And yes… sometimes, when something unexpected happens, you just don’t know what to do.  But… have you noticed that with many adventures, somehow, things take care of themselves?  One thing is important though…. it works a lot better if you are willing to go with the flow!

Therefore, if you like to speak great Dutch and if you like to learn fast, simply decide that from now on, you are on an amazing adventure… Does it already feel ligher now?  Then, take the jump!  From now on, great things can happen! Enjoy the ride 🙂

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