Why not have it your way?

Why  not have it your way?

There is one way to boost your Dutch once and for all and it is very simple. Still many people never think about it. But…. once you know the secret, it can be very simple… the secret is the power of a compelling reason.

Compelling reasons are great. They vanish all doubts and they push you forward really quick. Therefore, if you really like to unleash your Dutch, once and for all then it is a good idea to find that super reason that makes all the difference.

Just check it for yourself…. when you observe people that are not moving ahead fast when it comes to learning and speaking Dutch, then very often there is always that same root cause. Somehow it seems that they have no idea why they try to learn Dutch in the first place. Sure, it could be handy if you can say mag ik een brood (may I have a bread) to de bakker in Dutch. But… if this is your only reason, then that will not do the trick 🙁

Finding a compelling reason is very simple

Once again….. your Dutch will only go to a high level really fast if you have a very very good reason….. But…. although many people find it quite difficult to find that good reason, actually it should be quite easy….  What would you think of the next word: vrijheid. Yes, it means freedom! Doing everything that you like to do, without having to depend on the help of other people. Independece, selfreliance, autonomy…. these are the real magic words!

Think about it…. if you can see speaking Dutch as a key to your personal freedom, then all of a sudden everything changes. Don’t you think that doing everything that you like to do would be an interesting topic? People that learn Dutch fast clearly understand this. The more Dutch you  speak, the more things will be possible for you. You can have more friends, nicer jobs, nicer parties, a nicer life….

The only reason for speaking Dutch is you!

There is a funny thing…. at the end it is all about you, living your life in the way that you like…. Speaking Dutch will make it a lot easier and more fun for you. Therefore, if you have not felt excited about learning and speaking Dutch, then think again. Simply imagine how it can enrich everything that you experience in Holland now.

What if you could get rid of all those  limitations and restrictions that exist, only because of the fact that you have not learned the language so far? Then life would be different, right? If you can clearly sense this, then it is time for a radical difference. Finally start living your life  in the Netherlands your way! Just do all the things that you want to do. Then if you need Dutch, then make sure that you learn it quick. At the end it is that simple….

Here is the thing…. many people that live in the Netherlands who do not speak Dutch often notice that something is missing…. But then, the only thing that they can do is to complain about it. But… the tricky thing is this… the more you complain, the more negative you will feel. Then it can get only worse and worse….

Luckily, you can also turn it around. Why not go for the opposite thing? if you really  decide to be positive and to really go for it when it comes to learning Dutch, then you can also feel a connection with a very special power within you. You can be amazed by your own talents and enjoy loads of optimism. That is the beauty of living your life in the Netherlands. Soon enough you will notice that it makes your life more exciting…. it will give your life more dimensions…. so that you remember one important thing again….. that  after all…. life is an adventure!

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