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Summer Dutch Course in Amsterdam

Of all seasons, Dutch is definitively the best season to bring your Dutch to a whole new level! Think about it… quite often in July or August, business is slow. Peope are relaxed. There is a lot of light and naturally you feel energized.

What if you could see learning Dutch as a vacation? What about this? Spend 7 days in Amsterdam with a bunch of great people, dive into a whole new adventure while noticing within 7 days that you can start to talk about anything that you want in Dutch! That is the beauty of boosting your Dutch during the summer!

If you like this idea, then check the Dutch Brainwash Course. There will be two courses this summer. The July course is already full, but there are still places for AUG 2. Boost your Dutch during day time and then do anything that you enjoy doing during the long evenings in Amsterdam. People that learn this way always feel excited!



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