It is all about relationships

It is all about relationships

Yes, it is February again, and somehow it is also a special month. Just think of the 14th… does that bring a bell? Don’t you think it should be one of the most important days of the year? It is a day of love, love and love!

Just think about it and proably it will make sense to you…. What is one of the things that really make you feel better at the end of the day? Then probably one of the most important things is the interaction that you have with other people. All the relationships that you have.

Sure… relations are not always easy… often there are misunderstandings. You must also give attention to people around you, because otherwise it will not work either… Therefore it is always a good idea to see  if there is anything that you can do to make sure that can have great interactions with people around you.  One word that often goes hand in hand with relations is also communication.

So, let’s have an outrageous idea… what if some important people in your life at this moment speak Dutch? It could be your partner, your clients and even your children… Could it make some difference if you spoke some Dutch with them? People that go for a Dutch learing adventure are always positive about it. Somehow they always notice a positive change. Sure… the change may be subtle in the beginning…..

For example, all of a sudden you understand what Dutch people really want to say when they speak English to you. You may feel more at home or less left out at parties. If you like this idea, then why jump and dive in? There is a lot to discover!

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