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Progress for your Dutch, make sure that you can see it!

Progress for your Dutch, make sure that you can see it!

Seeing progress when you learn a new language and then also really appreciating it. It is a critical skill that you need to master if you like to speak fluent Dutch. Unfortunately, not so many people are aware of this skill. Therefore, you could see it as one of the forgotten skills that people really need if they want to master a new language. Luckily, there is some good news… if you can see progress and if you know how to appreciate it, everything will be different. You will be happy to move on and… when it comes to reaching your Dutch, you will soon enough become unstoppable!

What could be one of the most frustrating things if you want to speak a new language? Probably the lack of result or the predominance of ‘failure’. No wondering that most people quit, certainly in the beginning. But… here is the strange thing… most people give up, certainly when things start to move forward! So, maybe there is one thing that could help…

This trick may help!


Just see your Dutch as a plant or a flower (a tulip for example) and then simply think of nature… isn´t it that in nature everything starts really small? The first signs of ‘new life’ looks often very small, if not insignificant. But… soon enough, it will start to grow more steadily and faster, and bigger results will show up after a longer period of time…

Sadly enough, this is what most people do… they judge too soon. You pronounce  a new word for the first time and the only thing that you can think of is that it is bad….  or finally you understand what your neighbor means when he says goede morgen  (good morning)  to you.

Let me put it like this… progress is progress, no matter how small it looks at first. If you notice it and if you also appreciate it, then you’ll feel automatically better. Sure, it might be a small and subtle shift in the beginning but… once you know that things are moving forward, although still slowly, the more you notice that you are moving forward, the faster you will learn!

When it comes to learning a new language, most people stop too soon. The main reason is that somehow they cannot see the progress that they have already made and that somehow they cannot understand that through time, progress will be bigger and huger, if you only continue and feel good about it.  Therefore, let spring be your inspiration and remember : growth is a natural thing. Make sure, that you are there when it happens!




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