Why not start this new year with a bang?

Why not start this new year with a bang?

Dutch people love to start their new year with vuurwerk. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that it literally means firework….. All right… Dutch people see it as singular here….

Vuurwerk in Dutch has many meanings however, it is not only the first thing that you see on the first of January…  You are really lucky if you can say: Ik heb veel vuurwerk in mijn relatie, because this means that you have  loads and loads of sparkles in your love life! Anything that is sensational or impressive could deserve the name vuurwerk and quite often, the meaning is quite positive! So now you know… if you go to een dansshow met veel vuurwerk, it simply means that the dance itself should be fantastic…

Talking about sensational things now…. have you ever thought of it to apply it to your Dutch? Really, this is a serious question… Even if people try to learn it, somehow they often do it with a boring switch on. Yes, they may go to their courses, even do their home work, but nothing special seems to happen. Although it may sounds strange to you, if you really would like to speak Dutch on a high (or a sufficient level, which is also high) then one of the first things that you need is simply this: feel excited about it!

Luckily, feeling excited about learning and speaking Dutch could be easier than you think. The secret is this: simply exceed your own expectations. It is easy to guess what will happen then. You will be surprised and you will feel good about it, because now you finally feel  quite smart! Therefore, always go for big results! By the way, achieving great results when you learn a new language is not that difficult. It just means that you need another mind set. Also, surprise, surprise learning fast is a lot easier than learning slowly….

If you like this idea, then here is some good news. You can experience for yourself that learning fast is actually easier than slow learning… Simply sign up for a FREE workshop that takes place on a Sunday morning at 10.00  Within 3 hours, your perspective on learning Dutch and speaking Dutch can change, so that finally great things are possible!  Once again, why wait, if you can start your new year with a bang?

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