Let's cheer up on Blue Monday!

Let's cheer up on Blue Monday!

Many scientists still argue about it, whether it is true or not, but… it seems that if you like to be depressed, then now is the perfect time to do it! Not a long time ago, a British psychologist Cliff Arnall came up with a new term Blue Monday in 2005. It was a special name for the third Monday of a new year, in January…. certainly on that day, many people feel down.

If you think about it, it all looks very reasonable. First of all, who likes Monday anyway? And then, it is January, it is winter and it is dark. But… the worst thing of all could probably be in your own mind. That nagging idea that somehow some things that you really wanted to start off, have already failed. Nothing seems to be worse then that unsatisfying sensation of disappointment…. :(

But… before you would like to give up on your dreams, wake up! Don’t worry if your  mood is  less positive than normally.. You can still get some  things that you really want! There are three simple things that you can do! 

Let’s imagine for example that you wanted to speak much better Dutch this new year. Sure, then it might be easy to feel negative, once you notice that somehow, you have not made any significant progress at all so far in this new year. Many people blame themselves for being lazy. They beat themselves up. Although it looks like a logical thing to do,  there is one problem. It is not productive at all. So, if it is not helping you, why not try something different?

3 simple things make all the difference!

First of all, see if just for today, you can accept the situation as it is.  Just for today, see if you can be at ease with it. And then, simply ask yourself if there could be a good reason why you have not made the progress that you wanted so far. Just sit still and see if an answer comes to you.  You never know what it could be, just be curious…

Here is one important thing for many people. Quite often people feel that they have to do something. And although compulsion can often work, somehow it is often not that useful if you want to speak Dutch. Sure, in order to speak or learn a new language you have to do certain things, let’s not question this, but…. your actions will only be far more productive if you really feel inspired to do it.

So here is the secret: make sure that you genuinely feel motivated first! Only if you find motivation and inspiration first, then you will do everything that you need to do with much more ease. Chances are high, that now you will enjoy everything a lot more and then it is far easier to get the results that you like…

Here is another important thing. If you have been wanting to improve your Dutch for a long time, but if you have not been doing it so far, then probably there is also a thought that stands in your way. Sometimes it is a fear, but it can be anything that you don’t like. For example, you may believe that you can only improve your Dutch if you study really hard and if you do loads of homework. If such a thought is predominant, then of course, it is not that easy to feel inspired.

A special workshop that will put you right on track!

Therefore, finding inspiration first and taking some negative thoughts away, before you really start boosting your Dutch, is such an important thing. It may take a couple of hours, but once you take the time, you will notice that everything will go so much smoother. The first chapter of the free ebook Don’t Worry Speak Dutch will help you how to do it and… there is some other good news… you do not have to do it all by yourself…. if you like you could also go to a free class and get a lot of inspiration on a Sunday morning.  In a special workshop Finding Dutch Flow you can disccover for yourself that boosting your Dutch is more fun than you ever imagined!

Yes… Blue Monday can be confronting sometimes once you realize that there are still some wishes that you would like to fulfil… But…once you realize that you can still fulfil them, it is also a great moment to cheer up!

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