Let your Dutch Flow when business is low!

Let your Dutch Flow when business is low!

Summer is always a special time of the year. When people start to go on holidays, then often you may notice it on the business floor as well. Once colleagues or customers are away, then you’ll notice that all of a sudden there is time for other things. You might like to go on a holiday yourself and, if you like you could also use this special period with lower business activities to your advantage. All of a sudden you can focus on other things that through the rest of the year you will not give enough attention.

That is why if there is something special you like to do, the summer is a great  moment to do it. And who knows? You might have been walking around with this crazy idea in your head already…. finally speaking Dutch for real!

So here is a new idea to play with… What if somehow you could combine a holiday and speaking Dutch?

Sure… if you like you could book a ticket to a sunny country where you can lie on a beach all day.  You could spend 2 weeks next to a swimming pool, with some books to read and some bottles of alcohol. You would have a lot of fun, right?

Doing fun things during the summer that make you feel relaxed is always a great idea and… what if you could combine it with something else? What if you could combine it with another week that you could use for unleashing your Dutch?

You can meet new people during the day and then around 17.00  when it still light, you can do anything that you like in Amsterdam!

The Dutch Brainwash is a special course of 7 days in the historical center of Amsterdam. It is a unique experience, because it takes you out of your normal routine and within 7 days you’ll look at Holland in a completely different way!

Have you ever tried to learn Dutch in the past? Then chances are high that you tried to combine it with other things. Maybe you tried to learn it  after work and once a week you had to rush to your class again in the dark evening, realizing again that you did not do your homework again. If this is the case, then before you know it, you will start to believe that learning and speaking Dutch is difficult.

Here is the thing… if you try to learn something new, when you are not mentally alert is very hard. If you are too tired, then absorbing and applying new information is really different. But… if you work on it in a fun way for 7 days in a row, while having tremendous fun with it, then all of a sudden things will change! It is guaranteed!

Just think for yourself… What happens if you follow a lesson for 2 hours and go home, while realizing that the next day you’ll have to get up early again to go to your work. Probably you will be to busy to do your homework then. But… if you do it for a couple of days in a row, you’ll notice that things are a lot easier when you really practice it! Once you hear a lot of Dutch for some days in a row, you’ll notice that an unconscious way of learning takes place. You start to understand things on a deeper level by using your intuition, instead of trying to remember and study everything the hard way….

Too many people believe that if you like to speak a new language, you have to study a lot. But… it simply is not true. you can study for 100 hours and still not speak the language. If you really like to speak, then this is what you need to do… You have to sit down and relax and then you start to play. You start to experiment with Dutch words and you create your own Dutch sentences. Soon enough, once you really understands how it works, you will feel more confident…

The Summer is a great time that people feel relaxed. Why not combine it with something that could give you more fun in life?

One of the most important skills that you need if you like to speak a new language is how to feel relaxed and confident. Unfortunately, it is not a skill that you can learn intellectually. The good news is that it is relatively easy to learn and it will come naturally to you. Once again, all you need is to sit down, relax, learn a lot, play a lot and experiment!

By the way, science is very clear about it. It clearly demonstrates that if you like to learn a new skill, the best way to do it is to practice at least 21 hours as soon as you can…

Therefore, taking some time and really practicing a new skill like speaking Dutch for a couple of days in a row, is the fastest way to get there. Once you certain things again and again, it starts to feel more logical and natural. You feel more at ease about it and you stop thinking to much. You enter a special state where also much deeper learning can take place. All of a sudden, you start to see new things and you notice how somehow you get more curious. And then, somehow you start to own it…. that thing that you want to learn is becoming a part of you!

More or less 1o years ago, I started to deliver my first Dutch Brainwash. For me, it was a new idea and a new adventure and I did not know where it would take me… And now, I am still giving my Dutch Brainwash Courses… I have given more or less 100 courses already – somehow I lost count – and I really love them! Every time I notice how people can learn and say so much more in Dutch when they start to change their way of thinking. No wonder that in these groups, often new ideas come up, as well… People find other inspiration for other fields in their life as well. That is what I love about it and it never tires me 🙂

If you like the idea that this Summer you could do something that can change a lot in your life, then you may like the idea of doing a Dutch Brainwash this summer. There are courses in June and August, so if you like, start to explore here and see what is possible for you!

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