Secrets of a language breakthrough

Secrets of a language breakthrough

When it comes to speaking Dutch, have you sometimes felt that it is like hitting a wall again and again? If this is the case, then don’t worry, you are not alone! But… there is also good news. You may be closer to a language breakthrough than you think. Just a small detail… you may not notice it

A language breakthrough often looks like a mystery and when it happens it is absolutely beautiful. It seems to happen from one day to another. One day you wake up and you notice that all of a sudden you can talk about anything in Dutch. Sure, you are still making mistakes, but somehow it does not seem to matter. You are just speaking  Dutch and all the people around you do not switch to English anymore.. Isn’t that what you have been dreaming of all the time? The funny thing is that now all of a sudden you realize that getting there was easy….

A language breakthrough is natural and can be simple

Contrary to what many people believe, a language breakthrough is not that mysterious at all. It is quite natural, and almost guaranteed Actually, it is strange that so many people never ever experience a language breakthrough at all. You don’t have to hit the same walls again and again if you don’t want to. The only thing is that it works better if you understand some important secrets.

Just as with anything else in this world, a breakthrough starts very small and therefore not  so many people notice it. One small sentence could be a very first start of unleashing your Dutch once and for all, as long as you are open to this possibility. Although it is hard to believe, even a stupid sentence like: ik wil een nieuwe fiets (I want a new bike) could be the very first start of a radical change within yourself. All you have to do is to create a new short sentence in Dutch, even if it looks simple, and then do it again, again and again. At the end it is that simple.

All right then, here is the catch… there is one thing that you need to do…. you need to appreciate everything that comes out of your mouth, even if it sounds stupid or insignificant to you. Also if you understand that the sentences that you are saying now is only a very small portion of everything that is yet to come, then it should be easy to feel excited.

This is why  most people fail.,,, when most people speak, they aim for perfection. Then, if they say something then they will only notice why it was so bad. If you do this, then of course you will not feel good either. The irony is also that this causes people to speak less, while they should be speaking a lot more, while having more fun with it!

Don’t go for perfection. Create a language breakthrough first!

So once again, if you love to have a language breaktrhough for your Dutch, then this is what you need to do. Understand that first it will come in a very small form and that it will grow over time if you keep doing the great thing. Now that you understand that your first sentences is only the beginning of something adventurous and exciting, it is easy to feel great about it. And, also important: give a compliment to yourself! Whether you can see it or not, you are doing great work!

Also important… creating the language breakthrough is the most important thing! Once you have your language breakthrough, only then you can see how you can sound more poetic, intelligent, wise….  Just start to create many sentences first and then the fun will really begin. Step by step, you will notice that it gets better and better. One thing is certain… once you understand this idea, you have something great to look forward to!

Last, but not least…. it is also about consistency here… focus on creating your language breakthrough a couple of days in a row! That will help you to move forward even faster!

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