How to express your love in Dutch

How to express your love in Dutch

Love is the most important thing in life, don’t you think? Make sure therefore that you know the Dutch word liefde, because that means love!

You must also have heard ik hou  van jou and that one means I love you… There is only one small thing… you might not hear it that often.. According to Dutch people this sentence is very very special and means so much more than the English sentence I love you…. So yes, if you have a Dutch partner, then you should hear it now and then….

Luckily there are many other things in life that you can love… Summer for example or stroopwafels… in that case the Dutch sentence is not that difficult… Ik hou van de zomer & Ik hou van stroopwafels will do the trick…  But then… simply imagine that you taste a stroopwafel that is really really good… how would you say I looooove this stroopwafel in Dutch? Sure…. you could say: ik hou van deze stroopwafel, but somehow the love magic will not work here… Now it almost sounds like a factual statement…

Oops…. you must have noticed it… saying I love it, I love it! often seems to be impossible.. What could you say that has the same positive energy?  Well… here is the secret… simply feel the love energy inside of you and then shout things like: wow! Deze stroopwafel is echt fantastisch! Or… Deze stroopwafel is superlekker! or: Ik vind deze stroopwafel heerlijk!  

Sure… most of the time, you will not be using the construction ik hou van anymore….  But… don’t you think that it is the love feeling that really counts? Therefore, feel free to express your love in Dutch. Don’t get discouraged if ik hou van does not work… simply say something that you like, for example summer and then put it like this: zomer is echt fantastisch or: ik vind zomer echt fantastisch! This will do the trick… Last but not least, the more love you can feel and express, the happier you will feel… Make sure therefore that you express your positive feelings as much as you can!

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