How much confidence do you need for speaking Dutch?

How much confidence do you need for speaking Dutch?

Do you always have the confidence to speak Dutch in any situation? Or… would you like to have some beer, wine or other alcohol first, before you can really start to speak with ease?

If you ask people what would really stop them from speaking Dutch, then one of the most popular responses is lack of confidence. No wonder why many people would love to have it!

I wrote an article for Iamexpat about feeling confident while speaking Dutch. You can read it here… You’ll find something that might surprise you…. There is something that could make an important shift, so that you’ll enjoy speaking Dutch any way :)

also, if you like, write what comes to your mind if you think about confidence and speaking Dutch. Do you already have it, or is there something that could still be missing? Feel free to share! I love to see your answers!

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