Oops! Something might stand in the way!

Oops! Something might stand in the way!

Have you ever noticed that somehow you are not speaking as much Dutch as you would like to? Or do you think that the level of your Dutch is still too low? Well… you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see what is happening then. It is crystal clear… something must be standing in your way. Somehow, there must be an obstacle somewhere, because otherwise you would move forward, right?

The strange thing is that most people never think about obstacles. They only notice that somehow things don’t work, and yes… why not? They may even complain about it. But then, there is no solution of course…

Therefore, thinking about an obstacle is such a great thing. Just ask yourself: what is standing in my way to great Dutch? And just see which answer you can find.  The obstacle could be anything…  maybe you don’t know how to put sentences together, or you have a limited vocabulary. You may find it difficult to practice, you get the idea right?

Now here is the good thing… once you know what your obstacle is, you have to wipe it out. There is one cure that always works: massive action. If you can put your focused attention to removing your obstacles for a couple of days in a row you will be amazed!  There is nothing stronger than laserbeam focus combined with fun. It is like an autumn storm, and you know what it can do to trees!

Even the biggest obstacle can blow away!

One more thing that is important…. one massive obstacle for many people is that they don’t like learning or speaking Dutch. This obstacle is very tricky of course, because if you don’t like speaking Dutch, then chances are high that your learning is slow and then you will dislike or hate it even more…  The good thing is that if you work in a certain way, you can have more fun with Dutch than you ever imagined. But… once you detect this obstacle, you have to act like an autumn storm. You need some energy for a short time and then… it will be great to see how even the strongest obstacles can blow away!

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