Free presentation at the Expatica Job Fair APR 5 2014

Free presentation at the Expatica Job Fair APR 5 2014

This is a very special workshop for ambitious people. It will show you how you can use Dutch on a professional level with far more ease. Don’t Worry Speak Dutch will show 3 specific steps that lead  to Dutch fluency a lot faster, so that finally you can also start to use it at work, with colleagues or with customers.

There is a strange paradox. Certainly if you are ambitious, then chances are high that you have certain assumptions that slow down your learning and that limit  your ability to speak Dutch. Within 45 minutes you will find out for yourself how you can speed up your learning, while taking many shortcuts. With the simple use of some out of the box thinking and unorthodox techniques you will soon find that your results are a lot better and that – surprise surprise – even feeling confident is a lot easier!

The presenation takes places during the Expat Job Fair on the 5th of April at WTC Center in Amsterdam.
Time of the presentation: 13.00 – 14.15  Room: Potzdammer Platz

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on 23 Mar 2017

You made the right decision. The pain you and her exenciepre is also part of the healing process. I am sure things will get better. *Hugs*PS: Take it easy for the next few weeks. Try some NSA stuff It helps!

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