Clarity is the direct path to Dutch fluency

Clarity is the direct path to Dutch fluency

If there is one thing that leads to Dutch Fluency fast, then it is the path of absolute clarity. The sooner you have it, the more you’ll enjoy speaking Dutch. And you will be amazed how much you can achieve within a very short time.

Let’s face it… once you know how to put your own sentences together with ease, you can talk about anything that you want.

There are two things about clarity. It is about understanding a system and if it looks simple, it is even better. Then all you need to do is to walk the path, that is now in front of your eyes…

Unfortunately most people forget about clarity when they try to learn and speak Dutch. They just memorize some sentences and dialogues and whenever they want to say something they do not have a clear procedure on what to do. No wonder that therefore, everytime it looks like a challenge, but… this does not have to be the case.

One thing is certain… if you think that Dutch is only difficult and complex, then be open for the possibility that you are not on the right path. Once again, it all starts with some simple and clear ideas on how Dutch works and some precise things that you can do. Also, clarity is something that starts in your own mind. Once you have it, everything looks easy!

Therefore, always make having clarity your number 1 priority for learning and speaking Dutch. It will make all the difference!



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