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Dutch is easier than German, even a dog understands it

There is one myth that stops people from learning Dutch fast. It is the myth that Dutch is somehow far more difficult than other languages. This is not true of course, and even dogs understand it! If you find it hard to believe then don’t worry… one dog can also explain it to you and soon enough you will see that it all makes sense!

The truth is this: Dutch is the closest language to English and… it is very structured, logical, consistent and even funny. It is like simplified German! Once you can see the Dutch language then everything will be different… Sure… it may still be a challenge, but, getting great results is a lot easier than you believe…

There is a special article that was published on Expatica, how a dog can explain that Dutch is easier than German.

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2 thoughts on “Dutch is easier than German, even a dog understands it

By fgdd on 5 August 2014

Frisian is the closest language to English, not Dutch. Or Scots if you count that as a language.

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