When activities are low, it is time for Dutch Flow!

When activities are low, it is time for Dutch Flow!

One of the biggest challenges of speaking Dutch has nothing to do with grammar of words… It is just finding time! When you don’t have time, then it is hard to learn new things, right?

But, luckily it will be summer soon…  and one great thing of summer is that often business can be slower in general and in many offices you’ll notice that somehow people are less busy and that there is less stress. So, why not use it to your benefit?

Summer is always a great opportunity to relax, have fun and learning some new things that you have always wanted to learn…  The great thing is that certainly in summer you can learn new things and still feel that vibe of being on a holiday…

The Dutch Brainwash always has a special feeling, certainly in the summer…  The great thing is that there is a lot of light, so once your daily class ends and during the break in the afternoon, you can still do other things. If you like, you can still explore Amsterdam or, if you like, you could even take a train to the beach…

Amsterdam during the summertime somehow feels more vibrant and alive! 

If you like the idea of boosting your Dutch this summer in a very ultra relaxed atmosphere then here are some special dates: 1 JUL – 5 AUG – 23 SEP.  

In Amsterdam, a terrace is always easy to find :) 

Once again: if you have been thinking for a while that you like to speak more Dutch, then this Dutch Summer Course will make a radical difference.  It is a great experience that you will never forget :)

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