Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning

One book that changed my perpective on learning more than 10 years ago is Accelerated Learning from Brain Tracy and Colin Rose. It literally opened my eyes. There is a great message in there: learning does not have to be boring or tedious. On the contrary… if you know how to do it, it will be inspiring, energizing and fun!

For many people learning is just a synonym for studying. You just try to memorize many little tiny details from thick books, hoping that this will help you to pass your exam. That is why  it is a very serious business! No wonder that not everyone likes it. If you are one of them, then congratulations. You are on the right track now! Just for your  information, tradtional study is the slowest way of learning anyway….

But now comes the irony…. we go to schools, sometimes even to universities. All we do is learn and study there but…. has anyone actually taught you how to do it? Don’t you think that this is strange? It seems that schools teach many things except…. how to learn fast with fun and ease!

Smart people are smart because they learn in more efficient ways

If learning fast is something that you like, then you’ll love Accelerated Learning! The great thing is that it simply focuses on simple aspects that other traditional methods overlook. How you feel, for example. The better you feel, the faster you will learn. That is why fast learning always starts with a positive self image.

Did you know that there are at least 7 different intelligences? This is great news, certainly if you believe that you could have done better at school. Many people erroneously believe that theyy are not that smart while the opposite is often true.  All that was missing was a way of teaching that matched with your  own personal preferred learning style.  Therefore, if you change the way that you learn, then all of a sudden so many more things are possible.

Here are some things that I learned from this book. Learning is all about playing, feeling inspired and…. if it is practical you will learn even faster. Also important…. it is all about simplicity. It is all about clear structures that are easy to follow.

Later I will add some more blogs about Accelerating Learning, because it is truly amazing… But if you can’t wait, then you can just order the book. Then if you come back to this blog later you will discover how you could apply it for boosting your Dutch.

Once again… this is really essential here: if you like to learn faster, then do not doubt your own intelligence!  Simply change some things of the way that you learn and you’ll notice soon enough an important difference!

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