3 Great sentences for your Dutch conversations!

3 Great sentences for your Dutch conversations!

Have you ever wondered how you could have more flow in your Dutch conversations? If so, then here is a nice idea to play with…. There are many words and sentences that are extremely easy to use, but for some reason most people always miss them….

Maybe most people like to make it difficult and maybe they like to overcomplicate things…

But… if you know how to use these words and sentences, you’ll quickly notice that having great conversations in Dutch isn’t that hard….  So here are 3 sentences that are very easy to use and chances are high that Dutch people will be suprised by them!



It is relatively easy to have much more vivid conversations in Dutch if you throw in certain words…





1) Wat een drama! This one is easy to use, right? It simply means how bad, or how awful… Maybe your schoonmoeder (mother in law) wants to stay in your house for 3 weeks and then yes, it is the right moment to say: wat een drama!

2) Dit is idioot! Probably you can imagine that een idioot is an idiot, right? Just think of a politician that you really dislike…. And… what most people don’t realize is that idioot does not have to refer to a person…. It can simply mean ridiculous, mad or insane. Dit plan is idioot simply means: this plan is absurd… Or maybe you have to pay more than you expected…. then you know what to say: dit is idioot!

3) Ik flip! Maybe if you know Spanish, you already know the expression estoy flipando… it simply means, I am freaking out, I can’t believe this! I feel overwhelmed by emotions now…  You can use it if you use certain mushrooms, but once again… also if you discover that your schoonmoeder will stay in your house for 3 weeks, it could be the right thing to say!

Last but not least, you’ll certainly impress many Dutch people if you put them all together… Wat een drama! Dit is idioot! Ik flip! All these things are relatively easy to say but… chances are high that many people now believe that you have really started to master Dutch for real 🙂



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