Albert Both is also known as Mr. Brainwash. He has developed a whole new method for learning Dutch fast and speaking Dutch with ease. It gives great results for those who actually want to speak Dutch. While most language courses put you on the slow snail trail, Albert can show you how to take the fun fast track instead. Don’t worry if you tried other courses before that only worked to a certain degree. Once you have a new way of thinking, everything about your Dutch will be different!

Albert has a scientific background, he studied European Studies at the university of Amsterdam and is a typical out of the box thinker. Inspired by NLP, Coaching and Accelerated Learning, Albert has developed many succesful techniques for those who wish to improve their Dutch fast

People that have worked with Albert will often see him as a very creative person with a great sense of humor. His playful and relaxed attitude towards learning and speaking Dutch will set people up for a new and exciting adventure.

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